Food for votes attempted by Obama campaign in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a self-identified Obama campaign worker delievered food and bottled water to poll workers at Hampton School and presumably other North Side polling locations this afternoon. The individual, who left without identifying himself, at first said the bounty at Hampton School was for the poll workers, then said it was for voters waiting in line. While the law is apparently silent on delivery of food to poll workers (at least according to the Milwaukee Election Commission), it expressly prohibits the giving of “anything of value” to a voter to influence that voter’s choices.


Problem in Wauwatosa

I somehow missed this one earlier, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that between 20 and 50 voters in Wauwatosa’s District 22 received ballots for District 24. Susan Van Hoven, the deputy city clerk, says that the votes for the races common to both districts will be transfered to new ballots by poll workers and then recorded. There are two issues here:

– The two Districts are in different Assembly districts, with a contested race between incumbent Leah Vukmir and challenger Dave Hucke in District 22. The “solution” offered by Wauwatosa will disenfranchise those voters in that race. That is unacceptable, especially since a shift of, depending on the caucusing whims of freshly-“independent” Jeff Wood, two or three seats will change the balance of power in the Assembly.

– Mark Belling pointed out, even as I type, that Wauwatosa’s city clerk, Carla Ledesma, altered official election records to remove evidence of double voting by state Senator Jim Sullivan. I do not trust Wauwatosa’s election officials to correctly remark the ballots for the races that are common to the two districts.

Update on Franklin, WI Felon

The Franklin, WI felon reported to have voted earlier this AM was discovered to be cleared by our team.  A Barbara J. Sorenson of Franklin, WI who was reported by a relative to the Wisconsin team was released from supervision in April of 2008.

Racine updates (as of 3:50 pm)

I’ll repost the Tweets from gopfolk, who is monitoring the Racine polls. I do not know the Racine area all that well, so I don’t know where the polling locations are. I do recall problems in Racine in the past, so I will keep this updated Any typos are in the Tweets, which came via text message (so don’t knock gopfolk for them)

(7:14 am) Goodland school is OK. 2 other election observers
(7:41 am) MLK potential issue – obama volunteer working for clerks office – no issue noted
(8:09 am) Mckinley – election observers for obama – helping register voters – been corrected will monitor
(9:14 am) Johnson – no hard issues but there is an obama supporter outside of building directing people how to vote – watch?this
(9:49 am) Mitchel – 2 election protection – 2 dem attorneys – no issues
(10:35 am) Fine arts – poll works great – issue with unsworn person registering people – cmplaint filed
(10:44 am) Tyler domer – 2 vol sitting in their vehicle – not talking to anyone – copied plate num
(11:40 am) Lakeview – nothing here – very slow
(12:03 pm) Cesar Chaves – no issues – state chairman was here – moderate line
(12:56 pm) Faith united – dems handing out registration forms – told?them to?seace – called their attny upheld and they stopped – no issues
(1:24 pm) Jerstad – dems handing out reg forms asked?to cease chief inspector called city clerk and verified – dem attorney sees things diff
(1:25 pm) Work force dev ctr – machine down early – quickly replaced – very small for 2 voting wards
(1:27 pm) Humble?park – no issues – moderate line – dem poll checkers
(1:55 pm) Fest hall – no major issues – 2 attornys – abs ballots del to wrong loc
(1:59 pm) Emmanuel luthern – not busy – very well run – no issues – 2 dem attorneys
(2:13 pm) St andrews – 2 dems 1 is an attny – no issues have been noted – steady flow of people
(2:25 pm) Prince of peace – no issues
(2:38 pm) Eastside – busy but no issues

Senator Ted Stevens, Felon and Voting

Senator Ted Stevens, although he has been convicted of 7 felonies, will be voting in Alaska today because of a technicality.  The main two reasons he is being allowed to vote; one, he has not sentenced yet and two, his felonies did not involve “moral turpitude”, so unless the felonies go against this, Alaska will let the person vote.

Absentee Ballot Numbers Jump in Wisconsin

According to The Wisconsin State Elections boardthe number of absentee ballots has increase exponentially in select areas of Wisconsin.  The increase is at least 50% in Brown, Dane, Milwaukee, and Waukesha Counties; in fact, in Milwaukee alone the increase since 2004 is 130%.  Kevin J. Kennedy, Wisconsin’s Chief Election Officer and Director and General Counsel of the Government Accountability Board, does warn that this is pilmenary and not 100% accurate.  But the reason for this dramatic increase? No answer has been given as of yet.

Felon Voted in WI

GOP3 broke this potential fraud and we’re still in the process of confirming the potential legality of a felon voting in Franklin, Wisconsin.  Barbara J. Sorensen, a female convicted felon was reported to have voted this morning.  Even better, the witness was a relative…………………….. we’ll keep you updated in a bit.

Update (11:58 am 11/4/2008) – Ms. Sorensen was released from state supervision in April, and thus is eligible to vote.